when the earth bleeds

Written by: Mpho Leteng

When the earth bleeds;

fights abound about like Aboriginals tales,

memories of words that abut prophecies unveil,

multitudes of no fixed abodes occupy psychiantric hospital beds...


living in pain waiting in vain,

life shattered and broken...

a shadow closing down the globe

when the earth bleeds!


we fall prey of destructive social evils

within the core of our hearts we feel "death will be better"

rather than "heaven will be better"


the acrid smell of worm worked corpses,

the sun bleeding out vestiges!

death dresses the surface,

blood fills the earth like particles of alluminium metals in aeronautical research labs.


beware of the blackness of the heart,

the baldness that acentuates a cracked heart,

the cloudness of a mind....

when the earth bleeds!