A Little Off Centre

Written by: Jack Ellison

A little off centre has its perks
That's why humour usually works

It sure can liven a boring talk
Maybe a Monty Python silly walk

Silly words can bring a smile
To help forget for just a while

The awful things taking place
The world has fallen in disgrace

We need to talk and have a beer
Change the mood of hate and fear

Let's turn to each and every man
Say 'howdy friend', extend a hand

Try a line of which you're fond
'D'ya hear the one about the blonde?'

Ya know it's gotta be worth a try
To put a twinkle in someone's eye

So listen to what I have to say
It may just save the world one day

Laugh a lot and chuckle often
Too soon you'll be leaving in a coffin

© Jack Ellison 2012