Afraid 2008

Written by: Daneillia Daly

I look into your eyes
Looking away
Can’t be open about the way I feel
Is it a fantasy or are we for real
 Afraid to hold your hand just for a second
Can’t kiss, they might see.
Why can’t I be happy 
Why can’t I be free
Afraid to hold you , we never alone
Phone calls, secretly
You’re so patient, I feel sad
We are together only when we’re alone
I want them to know
want them to see
you are mine and I am yours
why can’t we be happy
afraid to say your name 
they would ask questions
not even a friendly hug
can’t look your way
you’re not what they want for me
afraid to make them sad
I keep them happy 
Constantly smiling
Even when I’m not they wouldn’t know
They know what’s best for me
They know what I need
Can’t think about you 
What if they see the way I look at you
When I’m alone I smile
Thinking of you
Feeling your presence
Writing about you
Day dreaming
I feel so free
So happy
So in love