Watching Lauren Sleep

Written by: elizabeth landon-lane

Do you live in a Palace, little girl?
A crystal mountain's majesty
Where prismed lights of pink and blue
In butterfly profusion play...

Do you have rainbow walkways, little one?
Melting colors winding out of view
Into the Realm of Happenstance;
The Kingdom known as Lullaby awaits...

Is there a window in your mind, my treasure?
Looking out on ice blue lakes
Where water lillies mark a path
Between the warmer current's flow...

What magic do you dream, my heart?
How many Unicorns abide 
In bowers traced with gold dust vines
And sleeping tigers there reside
Curled round a sleeping fawn...

What sweetness do you hear, my love?
What music shivers in the air..
What worlds are traveled in soft night songs
Around your childlike, children's games...?

     Where nothing lives to cause a harm
     And all who shine enhance the charm
     Of fairytales and dancing stars...

Wrap soft around my priceless child;
Your blood is royal in your youth.
So sleep, my angel hearted sprite
And take these wonders as your due...

I love you, daughter mine.