Written by: Joyce Johnson

I’m inspired by God’s creation
at beginning of the morning
when the first rays of the sunshine
come to grace the Eastern sky,
and the flowers in the garden
and the birds who serenade them,
all the wonder of His nature
as the hours go rolling by.

I’m inspired by my daughters
as they call to check upon me, 
to be certain that their mother
has survived throughout the night.
I’m inspired by my kitty 
who meows for my attention,
to show his dish is empty
and complain about his plight.

My computer does inspire me
as it waits to do my bidding,
accepts my humble phrases
as though they come from royalty.
I open up my email
which leads me back to the soup pages
and the comments of the Soupers, 
their kindness and loyalty. 

Yes I only need to waken
to another day before me
to find the inspiration 
I so needed to restore me.