A Lesson In Depiction

Written by: Jeena Chacko

Let’s not define us in human terms 
arms, torso, eyes, just plastic allegories-
you can buy them in gift shops,
etched on chocolate boxes, greeting cards. 
Our yearning is an oxymoron- 

crushingly far. painfully soothing. 

I recourse to arboreal metaphors
butterflies reverse-osmosing in my trunk-
our roots intertwining under the morass,
while we make love leaf to leaf. 
The briny aftertaste of your tree sap, 
shimmer briefly trapping ochre dragonflies. 
I whisper something silly, 
like, ‘you are my photosynthesis’ and 
we quiver our branches 
our dialogues stroke sleeping crows 
inside us ablaze, memories of 
a thousand survives, a thousand forests. 
We are the seconds flowing by 
the clock had ticked away all yesterdays 
into a seamless mystic scarf, fastening us.
it gnaws into our tomorrows, 
nibbling an hour after another- 
we are the vacuum dug out, displacing air 
cavities filled with matter and ether. 

At times, we were like mirrors falling in love 
you devoured me in tiny slurps- 
one mercury coated lick at a time; 
we consumed our endless gauzy reflections 
I saw in you, a perfect me 
an immeasurable trance 
bouncing back, back, back 
a cry throw from afar, 
yet we need to remain still 
one slight nod and all equilibrium breaks 
you dissolve into a primordial sea 
around my skin; 
the silence defended by the 
echo of waves- 
filling up my quagmire with 
sea shells. a taste of salt.