Saddness in the sky

Written by: Marie/Ismarili Gardener/Isreal

Saddness in the sky ,
brings tears to my eyes 
as the wind blows,
I know that Ahayias Cup Runneth Over.

The clouds are gray,
full from the burdens of a day.
While tears from the Earth
reach his heart.

Sometimes winds blow hard,
and trees sway from side to side,
as they assure us that he is rocking us,
like a mother does her child.

But yet tears fill his eyes,
and saddness fills the skys.
I do understand why he cries,
It's because he tries oh yes, he tries
to warn us before we do anything
but we don't listen. 

And then we cry, so does the sky's
they are crying with us.
But joy commeth in the morning.
As we sleep, he watches over us and makes 
all things right. 

And then the saddness leaves
and all that is left is the sunlight.