the cowboy

Written by: jan oskar hansen

The Cowboy 

In Texas they love football and cowboys, not your ordinary 
cowboys mind, the ones who herd the cattle to slaughter,
but those who walk tall in local towns and own an oil well 
or two. Real cowboys are usually black or Mexicans, low
paid and smell of cattle and dust; and when the cows are 
delivered to the abattoir drink lone star beer, chew tobacco 
and get arrested. Real cowboys dress in fancy dresses look
a bit effeminate, when drunk on whisky ride an artificial bull 
and fall off to great applause from adoring female fans who 
think those ridiculous pseudo heroes are for real.
In Texas they call it Americana, have a governor who gladly
condemn people to death, western tradition- hang them high-.  
When Illusion overtakes overtake truths mainly because veracity 
is boring, after all a cowboy is a cattle herder and reality lacks
the romance of a pearly studded dud.