Written by: Kolapo Olapoju

Faith, belief in the unknown,
Hope in the unfathomable
Reliance on the uncertain 
Fleeting blessing, sexy mercy
Sweet contempt, I hold you.

The missing line in the rows of 
The implementation raven
The middleman hovering nigh 
and up
Oh knot tightener.

Why do thou elude him?
Your ardent yearner 
The boy-man;
who seeks thy face
The soldier-seer;
who craves thine audience.

What's the grudge unheard?
Why the muteness, why the 
Why the wise game of chess?
Why the incessant sign-flash.

Is his spirit stick-Lean
Does the refuse lie with him?
Infant soul, impertinent mind
Elephant heart, vast pate.
Undoings of the co-defendant 

Reveal thee; my desire
Connect me, his sob.
Immerse him, HIS mandate.
Faith, there lies your task