Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Written by: Cecilia Macfarlane

You charm me for days with words you text
Then I'm completely ignored, left feeling perplexed
Maybe you're afraid that we're moving with haste
But totally ignoring me leaves me with a bitter taste

If you need your space then kindly inform me so
I have a life and other places I can go
Consideration and communication are high on my list
Please don't make me feel like for days I don't exist

When I'm with you it's a completely different story
I'm like a rare flower basking in your glory
Attentive and captivating you make me feel unique
Maybe part of the allure is your baffling mystique 

We all seem to want what we can not possess
But a relationship without time will not be a success
So when I'm out of sight..... keep me in your mind
Or you may find yourself single, for I will leave you behind!