Written by: kasim ishmael

Remember when I was small
Never had to worry bout anything
Every morning when I awake
Had breakfast and start playing

Playing cricket and football
Going in the bush for guava
And the garden with my father
Planting dasheen and cassava

But time goes away quickly
And just like the morning mist
And leave you with memories
Of your time of happiness

Remember across the street
Harry was getting married
Then I got really sick
And my parents was worried

Saturday we went by dr Maslin
Who send me to the hospital?
Sunday was the wedding
Never got a chance to go at all

After 3 weeks in the ward
Went to a place for convalescing 
And it was 3 years after
That I get to see home again

I grew up a lot in there
Made some friends I still miss
I cried when I reach home
It was a return of my happiness

I know that every one of us
Have a time of innocent happiness
And no matter how old you get
In your mind it will always exist

Today’s social media
Allow lost friends and families
To get in touch with each other
After many years of obscurities

And many will spends hours
Just trying to reminisce
Of the times in their life’s
When happiness exists

And the friends we have today
Are the ones we will have tomorrow?
And we will help each other smile
When comes a day of sorrow

As the days and years gone by
We will remember times like this
And the people who pass thru our life’s
Like the friends on our social media list

And in our travels thru life
We will see a lot of sadness
Many in the world never seen
A moment of happiness