Written by: chris kane jr.

With you, I remember
what it means to love.
And in love I find life,
rising from the morose shadows
to fly like a purebred charger
across asphalt fields
and through urban dystopias.

With you I remember
what it means to laugh.
And in laughter I find joy,
fleeing the hurricanes of hate
and the wrath of drunken self-tyranny
to walk with you side by side,
almost touching, in fading sunshine,
breathing as if for the first time.

With you I remember
what it means to be mortal.
And in mortality I find solace,
shattering chains of deist doubts
and fears of worthless art
to cherish my little time with you
and agonize over our parting
inevitable, when I wave to you,
a comet soaring through
the brilliant heavens that bore you.