Loss of Identity

Written by: Renay Marshock

His accusing words make me feel like a small child

I cower and retreat as a dog scolded

My strong facade fades away

I have not earned the right to parade around as a proud peacock

Rather, I show my true face1a timid field mouse on constant guard of the hawk

I ask, where does my courage retreat to when his angry words appear?

Why do I lose my proud feathers?

What is the matter with me? Where does my strength go?

I hide behind false faces and media accepted icons

Truthfully, I am weak and a coward

I am angry I lack strength to hold my head high and proud

I am fearing rather than fearless, kneeling rather than towering

Empty and hollow, less than equal; second rate, the pretender and false; 

Untrue to myself-a liar and a fake

A disappointment to everyone I ever aspired to make proud, loser and follower