Written by: Hazel Connelly

A slumberous, sense of seclusion
As sleep, is drifting from my eyes,
I look upon the translucent shade
of the morning dew
While I moving slowly do arise.

Watching therain dripping from the eaves
Silhouetted in gold from the rising sun,
My mind gradually awakening
Now a new day has begun.

Through dimly, dancing, dawns first light
With sound of the rains chime
The horizon still not clear
Just sweet thoughts of a shadowy time.

A light gust of wind, gently lifts
The dead  and dying leaves
Settling softly upon the ground
As light as the morninmg breeze.

The suns ray a smile of gold
Onthe landscapes new days light,
Now stand and look at the rainbow
A wonderful scene for mortal sight.