Me Against the World

Written by: Pashko Dushaj

The word on the street is that this will never work,
Spoken in whispers with an evil smirk.
The odds are stacked against us, just the way I like.
Backed against a wall, ready to strike.
Prove to the world that it doesn't have a say,
That every force in the universe could never keep me away.
The ground can crumble, rattle and quake,
But my will is sharp and strong, impossible to break.
It will cut through everything that lies in its wake.
My battle cry will echo through the wind and cause them to shake.
Their will shall break and shatter piece by piece.
With no choice but to offer me my release.
For too long I've been down on my knees,
So here I stand defiant for all eyes to see.
To show that I choose my own fate, my own destiny.
To prove that the world no longer has control of me.