Wonderland in Whiteness

Written by: Linda-Marie SweetHeart

"Wonderland in Whiteness" Whiteness is the fairest color of flawless perfection a vibrant tapestry of Creation's affection a masterpiece of beauty; pure as a sinless soul a delicate crafting, so intimate, a treasure of wondrous whole. bright magical color of purity and grace an infinite vision swirling in chantilly lace fluffy couds floating in marshmallow montage' with a canvas of stars twinkling in a heavenly collage'. slow gentle spiral of snowflakes escaping from skies while white essence of dove feeding lost lovers cries as those White Cliffs of Dover reflect cresting waves and mountain peaks slumber, caressing Sun, craves. the brilliant Hope Diamond sparkles white glimmer the Camelot Era revels in White Knight shimmer as street lanterns illuminate glow, effervescent, young hearts inhale breathless love, luminescent. Whiteness welcomes the depth and the breath of soft fabric as positive vibes infiltrate as sheer magic while Planets of Earth weave a web of delight all humanity extols the Heavenly White Knight the Light of the World whose persona shines white. *For Anthony Slauson's Whiteness Contest. *Oct. 3, 2012