Written by: Allison Ballard

Some doors are better left closed
I've come to know
Some books are nicer on the shelf
This, Santander's taught me well
And when night is upon me,
and I know I'm not strong,
it's better to sheild my eyes
to move on and on
to walk where my feet carry,
to let me lie where I've been burried
to forget,
to rest.
But when you pass me 
all of me bursts, like the sun breaks the sky
and I fly, forgiving you a thousand times
with love multiplied
On my knees, i'd damn myself
I'd be your cause, you would have me
even though you never did
but with the dream that it's me for which you wait
It's your birthday today
and our arms should fit right
and I should love every breath
your blue jeans, your perfect heart
the words flowing off your tongue, your song
Don't you know me? I know you do.
Six feet off the ground, eyes down
you gesture to know, who we are
where my silly heart has crumbled
and again I fall, harder still
My heart...a bit faster than before
But I couldn't say happy birthday
for my shame, and this canyon's too deep
and I can't ignore that man 
who'd plunge into it for me
to dream an old dream
to know your lips cold, a story too old
a love too warm to ever be known
Alma, I'll see your hometown soon
My feet will know your shore
and your voice will pour
from the proud flag
a single star 
reminds me where you are
Always my first love
Always my first pain
clouding my days
for a love so misplaced
This door is closed
That book collects dust
But I will never forget