Now and Then

Written by: Kristopher Higgs

Every now and then I notice something I haven't seen before.
Traced the outline of your face with gentle finger tips.
Staring at the clock: Days and weeks and months pass by but who keeps track of time.
Laying here close next to you; I've lost sight of mine.

Face me with these questions and my soul turns into stone,
Too scared to answer questions to what you should have already known.
And I know sometimes you need me there to walk you through the day,
But when night falls it is I who needs you to stay.

Every now and then I hope you notice something you haven't seen before.
I hope you notice me and all that I can be.
I hope you notice me for that I've always been.
I hope you realize just what you mean to me.

If you ever find your heart races for another,
Please slow down and take the time to hold them as close as you can.
And if you ever find your heart missing from that man,
I hope you never fall; my hands can't guide you down, I hope you never fall,
Because I'm falling, I'm falling,
Falling for you.