Webs, Pumpkins, and a Cauldron

Written by: Russell Sivey

Here we go, Halloween is here, finally I sure look forward to these happier nights A wondrous short segment of reality A grand time brought to us full of sweet delights Outside where the lamppost rests are spider webs Waiting for the fog to reach, perfectly said And the great aura that Halloween night shows I completely and wholly desire to know To feel the awesomeness, the fully dark sight The bleak wind slowly breezes its way inside I devour the nature of Halloween night Sometimes I find myself wanting to abide Giving all of me into the creation Pumpkins becoming a delightful nation Sitting next to the sleek lamppost they’re glowing Halloween’s got its powers and is showing It reaches a nice place so perfect and true This night is special, cool in its unique way You want to display everything that’s brand new A brand new Halloween which you see today There’s a cauldron near the lamppost just sitting Whistling a tune from over its hot kindling The scene with the webs, pumpkins, and a cauldron Bringing Halloween its power, just hang on
Russell Sivey