Written by: Jillian Veitenheimer

Forever lost
Deep within jungles
Vines of confusion
Strangling you to suffocation
Searching for the end
Struggling more in panic
Hoping for the end
Looking for home

Hush now, breathe
Close your eyes
And reawaken to truth
Regain your senses
Your objective so obscure
Only possible in painted fabrications
A foundation of sand
So easily blown away

Why cling to a stone
When the ocean moves all
Incapable of understanding
Do not force your mind
Settle for what society pushes
Accept what is never to be
Gauge your eyes with their hot irons
Lose the ability to see

How lost you are not
Bound to society’s quest 
An endless journey
So many partake
A path pre-cut
Leading you to your salvation
I laugh at your controlled confusion
At your pathetic being

To be lost forever
How I crave such a thing
Not bound or held down
Keep moving for no reason
Wishing to be found without looking
Never calling out, only listening
A ghost, without a trace
Forever invisible, forever lost