Free To Be Me

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

I soar ever upwards, I fly, I triumph
Nothing can stop my soaring flight
Shackle, annihilate, hold me captive,
But I am free and I soar upwards

Upwards past the petty things of life
Of life’s inhumanity and life’s destruction
I am all all powerful do not ignore me
See me, for my beauty, do not drag me down

I fly ever upwards, higher and higher in the sky
Past indifference, greed, cruelty and hate
Past rejection, past subjugation, indifference
Flying high high towards my destiny

Free to observe, free to pass judgment
Free to be me, just who I am just me
I need not to justify what I do, for I am free
Castrate me, chain me, destroy me, I fly free. 

Written with respect and admiration for my favourite Poet!