Para mi Boricua

Written by: Allison Ballard

My feet enfold something here
Under these deep green trees
Rooted fast in sand
I make strides about the campanile
My heart still beating like a tribute
To your beautiful face
And I still try to find you
Somewhere in this place
Where you were given light
Where you hold your head with pride
In the arms of a single star
searing into my hungry heart
How I want you to see it with me…
I am sold to your mouth
And the music it makes,
Like all the steady reggeaton
Rolling off into the air
Much like the trucks that carry it
And the golden hands directing it
Sinking with it in the distance
I love you a million times
Whether love is necessary
I was still born a Florida girl
I know I want to be here
I know you
And all the passion you have for home
Where I want to be
Whether by your lips or feet
I feel alive
Deep green trees carry me
This white sand, rich blue sea
I’m in love- and I can’t speak
But I feel so alive.