Shades of White

Written by: Lee Ramage

So symbolic and emotive, the colour white, Feelings flourish all based from our eyesight. White thought to be just one colour, no variation, Consider the shades of white, it’s such a sensation. The silky sheets on my bed that beckon me to sleep, Mom’s favourite Royal Doulton figurine, makes me weep, The milk mustache we enjoy from our healthiest drink, Snow that blankets the earth in winter, so pretty I think. Gooey marshmallows toasting over a burning campfire, Glowing white teeth that makes the smile that I desire. Large fluffy clouds that hang low over the parched earth, Easter lilies that display their beauty for all their worth. The shiny lights on my tree to honour Christmas day, Sparkling stars in the night that make up the milky way. The piece of paper written on, that brings poetry to life, The bride’s wedding dress worn when she becomes a wife. The snow rabbit that runs across my yard at night, The paleness of my facial skin after I’ve had a fright, But when my time comes, the white I wish to see, Are angels in heaven, perfection- how I hope it will be.
Written October 3, 2012 For Anthony Slauson’s contest “Whiteness”