Dazzling Diamonds of Love

Written by: Linda-Marie SweetHeart

"Dazzling Diamonds of Love" precious love is a dazzling jewel reflecting in your eyes whether it be godly glow or humanity's sweet guise the effervescent essence continually flows for love emits emotions caressing as it grows. love is tasty as a fruit upon a blooming tree sparkling in the golden Sun tempting teasingly meshing a bond between lovers as God has crossed their paths and starlight diamonds dwell within from first sight to epitaph. the sequined melody that plays an enriched symphony meets in crescendo as dreamy diamonds spread through family discovering a diamond in just one pair of eyes impossible ... for love invades in multiple surprise. at night, as you are sleeping, dreaming of those who touch your life who glimmer as precious gems and erase every strife remember love is a free gift from both God and Earth and diamonds in the rough will shine forever proving their worth. *For Gail Doyle's A Diamond in your eyes contest. *Oct. 2, 2012