Pressing On

Written by: Allison Ballard

My demons walk in step 
with my aching legs
knowing where my toes are soft
how heavy last night was
where I might choose to stand
when resolution isn’t mine
they beg me to stay, to be wrong
even when I’m resolved to move
they know my spirit’s name
and that he’ll flex his fingers 
and make them fear
but now, with nothing to lose
they’re here
still, directing my hands
to tap the keys of a minor chord

but even so, 
it’s a beautiful song

it is sufficient, he is gold
even when he’s been clamped shut

I’ve been here
Ligon constantly as my feet
with Elizabeth Arden soaked words
nestled into my wary fist
I’m only wanting more
just to press on while the rest sleep
to feel beautiful again
as opposed to what this was,
a sad story, an error, a night terror
a far cry from 
what you were
Y ahora lo se que, de verdad,
te amo.