I Won't Be Zombie Food

Written by: Amy Hollar

So dark
You're scared out of your mind,
You just creep,
So close to the ground,
You smell dirt,
But no,
This won't stop you,
You want to live,
So you do,
What you have to do,
To stay alive,
You hear the sounds of the zombies,
you know there close,
just one sound,
just one wrong move,
they would be on you,
pulling you a part,
eating you flesh and brains,
piece by piece,
you do want to get away,
and you will,
if you play this game right,
and wait for the right moment,
to make the run of your life,
live or die,
or die,
and come back as a undead beast,
that is the only thing you have let,
to live for.
I won't BE Zombie Food