A Poem for My Distant Friend PD

Written by: Ravindra K Kapoor

A Poem for My Distant Friend PD This Poem is dedicated to Poet Destroyer PD Inspired by Linda-Marie SH of Poetry Soup A Poem for My Distant Friend PD What gift, I should send to you? My distant friend, Which can fill your heart, With Joy and Happiness, Like sweet mid summer Rains, Which would fill you, With the fragrance, which comes, From the first drop of Rains, When it falls on the heated soil, and Splashes as An intoxicating fragrance To keep you Happy Without sorrows and pains. I am trying to give a shape to my gift, With my words only, The moment you would read it, Sound and Music, Will come to your mind and Colors too would emerge As clouds emerges Every now and then. The moment you would see, These words and lines, Coming from a distant friend and A place not much known, A strange happiness, Would fill your heart My dear Poet friend. Ravindra Kanpur India 3rd Oct. 2012