My Grandma Smith Lives On In Me

Written by: Leanne Perks

So I’ve been told by a few that I remind them of
You my Dear Grandma Smith.
It was something I could not see clear but others
Saw the likeness of you in me my Dear Grandma.

I take that as a complement as you were a fine lady that
I admired and so fond of you, it is an honour to
Be told I am like and resemble you Grandma.

I have your blue eyes, and part of your caring
Nature and your  little ways, I hope I reflect
Them well  bringing your name praise I 
Will always cherish the days we spent together
Making the memories last forever in
My heart since the day that we did 
when we lost you that cold December
Day is when my heart broke  away 
And tore apart.

I am glad that  you  were a part of my  life for those 
eleven wonderful years
I learnt a lot from you my Dear Grandma 
and will carry that with me through
All my life and will remember you always and forever
Now I can see that you have always 
been apart of Me. 
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