a wars aftermath

Written by: jan oskar hansen

A war´s Aftermath. 

After the war flats was hard to get, but when mother´s 
uncle Adolf hung  himself in the kitchen that had cement 
floor and sun stayed away as to tell us something about 
the nature of hate. Mother´s uncle believed in new order 
and they had given him a uniform which he used when 
going to the park to feed the ducks. He had once been 
an officer In the merchant navy and missed no being in 
charge… the kitchen only had cold water and a hole for
water to disappear into, we also used it to crap in since 
we had no loo. Mother put a slap on the hole when not 
using it or rats would come eating our food. At night when 
I had to pee there was a pot under the bed because I did 
not dare to go into the kitchen, because I once had seen 
him hanging there. Adolf, not a big man, once I tried his 
uniform on, it was big and on his cap there was a skull. 
I walked out in the street to show the other kids, they 
were impressed. Mother, very angry burned his uniform, 
but amongst the ashes I found the silver skull.