Into the Tiger's Den

Written by: ilene bauer

The Bronx Zoo has a monorail
I’ve ridden many times.
It takes you into “Asia”
And the natives of its climes.

Passing elephants and rhinos
It has shuttled folks for years,
As they’ve watched amazing creatures,
Safely sitting on their fears.

But last week, just as the monorail
Approached the tiger’s den,
Someone leaped out past the fences,
The most foolish of all men.

A tiger from Siberia,
Four hundred pounds and fierce,
Was upon him in an instant
And those teeth had lots to pierce.

The keepers came and saved the man.
The tiger’s life was spared;
It merely did the job for which
Its nature was prepared.

The jumper wanted to be “one”
With that majestic beast.
I guess he didn’t realize
He’d be viewed as quite a feast.

Though animals amaze us
With their beauty and their grace,
More often I’m astounded
By the crazy human race!