a tear

Written by: John Loving III

What counts as a cry
Is it screaming yelling
Or just a tear in one eye
Memories recall a day gone by
Principles and traditions record 
Something why?
Something small but small things
add up. The moment comes
when we count the stuff.
And were captured by emotions
deep inside
And the present makes connection
in our lives
When we notice the price 
that was paid
To see the precious thing
that one gave
To hear the tale
Or wittness the facts
The silent resolve
of one sacred act
By a mother
or a would be wife
We know the implications of life
The sacrifice that was made
for none other than you
Over a life time
Or one single use
Then comes the realization
that screams so loud
One single second
in a silence slowed down
A look with an unseeing eye
Something that bloomed
in the mind
A simple reminder
of a very old sorrow
In life is happiness but sadness
surely follows
Then it rings like a bell
With one single tear
that fell
a cry starts