You Are My Inspiration

Written by: Vicky Tsiluma

                               If I were a vampire, you’d be my watcher
                                  The one I’d choose amongst myriads
                               The one I’d feed from to sate my hunger
                      The one I’d hide from everyone else so as not to be
                                            perceived as weak
                                          The one I’d not name
                The one who’d ply my heart with guilt every time I’d drain you
                                           to keep myself alive
                         The one I’d despise for being in my thrall

                                      The one I’d slake my lust on
                                 The one I’d believe without a doubt
                                   The one I’d protect with my life
                            The one I’d trust to lick my wounds and see
                                      me in a state of vulnerability
                         The one I’d let lie in my arms and invade my space
                      The one I’d run away from in a bid to protect my sanity
           The one I’d come back to and kneel before, helplessly surrendering
             as my tears flow into your belly and your arms wrap around me.
             The one I’d bend down to pick, put in my car, and drive off with,
                 shunning my family, my beliefs, and everything that I am.
            The one without whom my brain would shut down and my words
                             would be but a mist dried up in the sun.
                                The only one I’d bleed into my heart.
                                                        You …
                                           You are my inspiration.