Silly Facts 2

Written by: Jack Ellison

It would take more than 150 years
To drive your car to the sun
At the price of gas you'd need two jobs
A cashier at Walmart could be one

A law on the books in Kentucky states
You must bathe at least once a year
Next time I'm heading down Florida way
It's a state I'll avoid going near

The actual energy of everyone's farts
Immediately upon time of emission
Creates an extremely powerful force
Enough to launch a lunar expedition

Truman Capote's strange middle name
Believe it or not, was Streckfus
His parents shoulda done time in prison
Without dinner, lunch and breakfast

It's said, to have your picture taken
By the first camera ever made
You'd have to sit still for eight long hours
I'd wet my pants I'm afraid

Some of the water that all of us drink
Has at one time already been drunk
By someone else at least once before
Eeew, wish that was a lotta bunk

You would think everybody's eye lids
Would need replacing clearly
Blinking four billion times in a lifetime
Decided to change mine yearly

They say it's impossible to kill yourself
By holding your b-r-e-a-t-h ........

© Jack Ellison 2012