About Poetry

Written by: josh kirkwood

Ok, so your poetry can be what you want
but most of this drivel belongs in the dump.
Most of my poems are bad, i admit, 
and like this one, they'll go in the garbage bin.
But sometimes a real gem nags to be born;
it won't go away, you must give it form.
These are the poems that interest me,
not random idle chatter incessantly.
I don't want your comment if all you can say
is "nice write" or "good job"; i don't need it, okay?
The path is now littered. Where does the trail lead?
I can't see the forest for all the dead trees.
Do you ever use a notepad, proofread and revise?
Take another look with your critical eyes?
Take your time. Let the thoughts stew around in your brain
before you slop them all down on the page.
Think deeply, think longer. Grab a reference book.
Take pride in the measure of time that it took
because, it will be more obvious
that you are sincere, 
when you inspire us.