Written by: kathryn ramirez

When we were small we would laugh stretching jokes out forever.
We would never fall asleep at night unless we were laying there together.
we would totally wreck the house, and run circles around the yard.
As long as we were together, not even the largest goal seemed too hard.

We made up our fallback guy and blamed Penguin to deflect our moms' fuss.
Like the time you, flew off the bike, and hit your face, whew! did my Momma cuss.
Or the time you were mad and, got even, and paid me back in disgrace.
throwing soap into my shower; I SPENT A SUMMER IN A NECK BRACE!!

And don't think I would forget the one, IT'S my favorite story.
That 'special' fight you got into, no, you won't escape that glory.
I swear getting in trouble with you, is the summ of my childhood.
it's as dead as a 'burritoed hamster', but the memories serve me good.

You were my Bestfriend, and I promise that has never changed.
Even when one of us did something that seemed a little deranged.
In High school we were different, yet we still shared our unbreakable close bond.
Most weekends, we would walk to Barren Creek or through the field to the pond.

You had your other friends and so did I it seemed.
But living away from you, is not something I dreamed.
We used to miss eachother so much, we would spend every single night.
But I guess that couldn't last forever, since we are grown right.

No matter how big a distance, there is between you and I.
If you ever need to talk, make my number the first one you try.
Now after all this babbling, I guess I just want to say.
I am as close as 10 digits, and even if I'm 3,000 miles away.

Katei (Penguin)