Fellow in the Meadow

Written by: Jordan Dickinson

Walked alone through the darkened meadow
I could feel the chill air sweeping the hills
Then I came amongst a shadowy fellow
And somber eyes, flames in now drills
I stood there frozen, thoughts locked, spills
I cried up for mercy, fears hoped will ease
All my hope for running his hard hand kills
Begging him for mercy, please God please

So I stood there frozen alone in the meadow
No longer the chill i felt sweep the hills
Where could he have gone, this dark fellow
Gratitude toward God my heart now fills
For all my locked up thoughts now spills
i cried on up for mercy, fears all now ease
All of my dread for dying, his mercy kills
Begging him for mercy, please God please

I turned around to walk alone the meadow
And along up ahead on the highest of hills
I remember watching as i saw that fellow
Grow some wings and light my soul fills
I remember the sound, the riveting chills
I saw a true Angel, all of my fears did ease
Now the absence of that loving angel kills
Begging him for mercy, please God please

I long for your souls to see that it still fills
Me up with love, all fears are past ease
I hope you sit there on those same hills
Begging for his mercy, please God please