The Young Widows Flag

Written by: kathryn ramirez

Seven men, three shots each, firing off into a grey sky.
her heart sank so low, as she gripped her daughter,
 And then she fought back a bittersweet cry.
She felt her husband had been sent to slaughter.

That soilders song brought her down, yet she felt so very proud.
He knew the risk when he signed on, still he was willing to do his best.
The memories of his bootcamp departure, made her thoughts ring loud,
No more emails, no more SKYPE, just her man laid her to rest.

She thinks back to the earliest days, how hard they were to bare.
A soilders wife was a lonely life, and time with him she'd sacrifice.
Counting up all the lost nights from her man, she feels it was still unfair.
She'd gotten used to the field and, the cold nights, but feared the highest price.

She holds her baby's hand seated right next to his grave.
A soilder salutes and presents a folded flag, A token to remember her love.