When Halloween Came To Town

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

When Halloween Came To Town Halloween has once again come to town With exited Trick or Treaters running around Dressed in costumes to bring much scare To all the candy givers to be aware Tree branches begin to reach the dark shadows of the night Skeletal branches to grasp a person walking by The Moon is shining so eerily and bright A hungry wolf begins to howl with such a big appetite The bats are all flapping their wings into a creepy song As a witch is found soaring through the sky in her magical broom Evilly laughing at the Trick or Treaters all along Knowing that she’ll be turning them into frogs real soon The night begins to grow old, most of the Trick or Treaters are fast asleep There’s only on Trick or Treater left caught roaming the street The witch flies down quickly to come to his reach But then he scares her when he begins to scream Every porch light suddenly was lit There was no sign of that evil witch The boy will never forget a Halloween such as this Grateful he wasn’t turned into a frog that was kissed