Written by: linda martens

The hummingbird is back this year
In such a tiny body so much beauty
Are you the same one as last year?
Or are you the son or daughter

As you stop in mid flight
To look into my eyes I am startled
Perhaps you are wondering the same thing
Am I the same human?

You stop at the flowers and then the feeder
You are full so you fly away
Singing the oddest song I’ve ever heard
before you land on a distant tree

Where do you sleep at night my friend?
Do you rest long enough to doze?
Away from humans and bigger birds?
In the smallest nest I’m sure

I sit and wait for you 
wishing you here
Sometimes its like you hear me
As you quickly appear

When you look into my eyes 
and mine in yours
I feel  a bond between us
Do you feel it too?

Summer is over and you disappear
Not sure where you go
Maybe  not meant to know
I miss you my friend