Wishing I Had You Here With Me

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Wishing I Had You Here With Me Today I was walking in the park Admiring all the beauty that autumn brings Then suddenly I felt the ach in my heart Wishing I had you hear with me You’ve been in jail now for over a year I find myself always trying to find things to do Just so I wouldn’t have a moment to stop and tear Because God only knows how much I’m missing you I smile each day but the smile is covering a frown The diamond in my eyes no longer has a place to shine Of never having the chance to see your precious face around I keep praying that the upcoming three years goes by so quickly I hear our laughter and talks we shared Through echoes of timeless memories Times when I prayed that you cared On living your life with honestly Today I found myself wiping tears from my eyes Just then I had to take a moment to stop and breathe For in that moment I felt such emptiness reaching to my soul inside Wishing I had you here with me..
I miss and love you my precious one… Love Mama