The Fatal Blow

Written by: Timothy Jacks

Through the cracks i seen Her shadow
She was brushing her hair in front of the mirror 
I heard whispers coming from the adjoining section
So it caught my attention and brought me closer
In that shadow that is as dark as a cesspool
I felt something evil over there and lurking
Then i feel this chill and a presence behind me
And it was hard to accept because no one sneaks up behind me
Then there was another appriation under the painting of her mother
It was completely different any from the others
The swoosh of a hawk is how the next scene is depicted
The dark shadoe suffered the fatal blow of the Holy Spirit 
Now she smiles at her own reflection
Im like how did I ever end up in this position
If it aint observing the phenomenon then its researching life of my unborn person
Because i am just a spirit stuck in between lightness and darkness
I can never comp[letely remember this past life that i have lived here
Here comes the  preist He is currupted by the devil
Here comes the joker And God says he is chosen
There goes the palace dog he is barking at me and growling
Im like dog why are you the only one who can see me
She starts singing the most loveliest melody
 I can feel only for a brief moment then i feel nothing
It is true that the spirit world is where souls despair and are lonely 
Are we Gods Angles or are we really the demons
She sings these three notes Please dont be lonely
Im like i think other than the dog your the only one that knows me