Parker's Plight

Written by: Debbie Guzzi

Merely to scratch the surface Parker’s clogged nib ruminates “How annoying, scratch and scribble..” My horizontal paradise lost, marred by the occasion drool coming from Goliath. Laying down, often, I roll from side to side a cat’s paw for the skin sack above me ah…I am beyond maudlin I am blue, dilly dilly. Blue like the veins in the digited palms which twirl and whirl me across endless scapes of white. Oh, how I long for a brighter surface, a deeper well. Ah well, so full of Dear’s and Sirs and Madam’s that an occasional To Whom It May Concern causes twitters of laughter from the godhead. I would dance with the pretty pencil, if I could, but stand alone.. if only.. if only… I pray to the breath of life above for a pen stand, and perhaps pink paper? Destined only to stand or fall at its will, I mourn. I wonder what the paper thinks?
Sincerely, Parker *The Parker Pen Company is a manufacturer of pens, founded in 1888 by George Safford Parker in Janesville, Wisconsin, United States.