I Cant Fight Anymore

Written by: Noble Smalls

I can’t fight anymore…
Doesn’t make any sense to carry on this way, with hurtful things being said.  I’m thinking I’m right and your thinking the same, pointing fingers who’s the blame? Who should feel ashamed?  We look into each other’s eyes with lack of understanding.  Emotional demanding it’s a strain to our hearts and our thoughts are not focused.  Clouds grew over head with this hurtful situation.  Rain hits us on the head to smother our tears. When it rain it pours.

Pain so hard to hide sometimes.  Two hearts can’t come together, to improve, to grow. To make what we have better, to agree to disagree, to get pass what we are attempting to destroy.  My feelings are heavy and confused.  The love is there, these times it’s so hard to share when the pain is deep.  Jealously of others with their own goals in mind divide and conquer our world.  Whispers in the air as we stare at each other, eye to eye, pride for pride with bitter pain of lies told.  Stories unfold with vindictive acts in mind and in time love lost.

I can’t fight anymore…tired of the patches fixed to my heart and glue of broken pieces that has scared over time.  Tattooed Bible verses as a reminder. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 doesn’t talk about hate jealously or vindictive hateful ways…the greatest of all time LOVE.
So how do we compare with the truth of the Word?  This isn’t living my heart was built to forgive, to and for love.  

I just can’t…
I can’t fight anymore the pain won’t let me.  I’ll rather just walk away saving the fight for true love that deserves to be fought for.