Spoil Me With Unicorn Poems - Asked PD

Written by: Cynthia Alvez

As I strolled through the forest
One early morn
I chanced upon a unicorn.
It was beautiful, all covered in dew
And In bright colors with a golden hue.

It pranced about and smiled at me,
Singing a song filled with glee.
His song was sweet, the words so clear
A friend’s birthday was almost here.
"Oh! " I said, “May I go along for the fun?”
“Climb aboard!" said the unicorn, 
"We must hurry, we must run!."

Faster and faster, we moved along,
The unicorn continued to sing this song,
"We are going to see PD to celebrate,
Taking her hugs and kisses and
We can't be late!
Her birthday is the 7th of October
She loves unicorns better than a 4 leaf clover!"

"So come along all of you Poetrysoupers, raise your
Voices in a birthday song for our Friend, PD, so precious,
Sing it allllllllll  day looooooong!"
The trip is long, the roads are smooth,
Hitch hicking on clouds is a special groove.
The wind is quiet, at night the stars lead the way.
Sometimes the moon lights the night, 
If you get there before us, in the window put a light!

I could go on forever PD but I thinks it time I stop in flight...
Happy Birthday dear friend, keep that smile shinning bright!

Dedicated to Poet - Destroyer