A Halloween Tale

Written by: Tim Ryerson

Peter the Pumpkin went walking one night
When Samantha the Squash stolled past
Peter was smitten, it was love at first sight
"Will you marry me now?" He asked

They ran to Patch Hall like frolicking pups
Judge Winnie the Witch performed rites
"Any veggie that objects, speak now or shut-up!
I pronounce you pumpkin and wife"

Rumours spread in the patch as events unfolded
Artichokes choked and white onions cried
Cucumbers clammered and scallions scolded
"Outrageous!...They both should be fried!"

Pete's momma fainted, Sam's daddy raised hell
His stem was quivering with rage
"Interracial marriage?...Over my dead shell!
I'll beet both your butts! You're underage!"

So they fled to Farmer Joe's fruit tree estate
(They're a bit more liberal, you see)
"Hey, what's the big deal?...We cross-pollinate!
Sit down, have some compost, feel free!

"Joe will hoe you a quaint little fertilized bed
There's plenty of space here to grow"
So they put down their roots and quickly cross-bred
Two dozen young Squashkins in a row...