Written by: NANCY CHAWLA

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon,
Neither on the night of full moon,

I was showered with their grace,
They were divines in human face,

Nothing in my life I was denied,
They were the ones, who were my guide,

I was bestowed nonetheless affordability,
Thanks to their quintessence magical ability,

They were constantly present for me,
In times of worries and of course of glee,

They nurtured me to be a healthy sapling from a tiny seed,
They enlightened me perfectly, how, to lead and proceed,

I was fortunate to share their secrets basket,
They have always been my lucky mascot,

Nothing in my life was complicated,
As our bond was accurately conjugated,

The worst part was when they went away,
It was due to their work commitments, they had to convey,

We continued to share same emotions,
Though the distance among us was vast as oceans;

The chemistry we shared was interesting,
They would know my actions, even before I was debuting,

Time vanished at faster degrees,
The life was so much at ease

Today, we are not together geographically,
for we are associated spiritually,

I am blessed to have them in this lifetime,
As the part they play is very major and PRIME,

Whatever I could learn, instill and inculcate within me to move ahead and further,
Is directly proportional to the efforts and attempts made by my distinctive BROTHERS!!!

I owe them my success and happiness,
How would i return them, coz the list is endless