Culinary Sonnet

Written by: craig cornish

Figs stuffed with prosciutto and mascarpone cheese,
A plate of bacon wrapped scallops and pineapple,
French onion soup is bound to please
Or garlic steamed mussels with which to grapple.
Artichoke hearts smothered in sherried cream,
Organic pears with sugar and cinnamon, butter sautéed,
Pork tenderloin medallions make a Demi-glaced dream
While crisped Lyonnaise potatoes are made.
Now, with a sip of Pouilly-Fuisse’,
Tastes flush the palate like a gourmet in concert.
A toast to good friends on this wonderful day,
As ice wine chills... to sip with dessert.
A plate of old fashioned bananas foster,
Perhaps in the morning, Eggs Benedict with lobster!?

Oct. 2, 2012 for Cyndi's Modern Sonnet Contest