My cute cough

Written by: Katherine Poetryskates

As I lay propped up in my bed
Hoping to get some rest,
I heard loud groaning in the dark.
Like some trapped wild beast.

Auditory hallucinations
Are unfamiliar to me.
So I lay there wondering what it was
And what I was going to see.

The sound repeated louder still,
What can this noise be?
But when it came again,I knew.
It was emanating from me!

My chest was moaning like a beast
That's starving for more grub.
So I got my laptop out and wrote
A new poem for my hub.

It's called a cute bronchitis now,
An unsuitable kind of name.
Cuteness is the last word I would use.
The doctor is to blame.

I said "I came to be diagnosed
And not for compliments.
It may sound cute to you,my man,
Just get on  with the medical treatment."