A Diamond in your eyes

Written by: Yolaine Armitage

A Diamond in your eyes

She's young and beautiful, such a woman of grace
Filled with a glowing charm, and a pretty face!
Her romance has captured another dance or two,
As looking upon, a diamond in her eyes for you

There was a moment that he loved her so dearly
And countless days, months, and giving yearly.
She appeared faintly as a pure angel in disguise,
As she stares out into the blue sky to fantasize.

Just two, three, and four that sparkles in the night,
And waving "goodbye" shows many colors of light.
She is fancy free with fame and always so sweet,
Nor a stormy or cloudy day, but a chance to meet.

The promising of hope and a chance of winning her,
Has become so fair and brought courage as a young girl.
A light in complexion, a soft and pure heart that glows in you,
Such a gem of brilliance, like a diamond in your eyes, for two!

Yolaine Armitage