Unborn Baby's Dream

Written by: Lee Ramage

Warm and safe inside my Mom I love to hear her sing, The song soothes my soul and helps me to sleep. Although I am small I can produce such strong emotion, Already I make others think of things other than themselves, No stronger bond can be produced than a mother and child, Decisions of whether to have me or not can hold such fury, In the end, the decisions are made out of a strong love. People judge what is right or wrong but should stay quiet. I need a home with unconditional love, one that will make me a part of their life, one that will keep me safe, one that help me grow to be a good person, and one that will allow me to be open and understanding of all aspects of life including anyone’s decisions about the right to life. I need to be loved as no other, by a family who truly cares and wants me. My dream is for all unborn children to have this gift. To be born into a life of hate, violence, illness, drugs and disregard would never happen - in my dreams.
Written October 2, 2012 For the Scribe’s Contest “Unborn Babies Dreams”